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The True Story Of Mozata

Experience The True Spirit Of “Ahlan Wa Sahlan”
With Mozata’s Big Lebanese Welcome.


Mozata is born from the adventure of a Hungarian woman of Lebanese descent whose only ties with Lebanon were her mother’s home-cooked meals, the Fairuz songs her father loved to play in the car, and the news stories about Lebanon and the Middle East. A gallery owner and artist, work was her passion and she dedicated all her time to her gallery and to exhibiting the work of inspiring young artists. Until a turning point.

One day, she was flipping through a lifestyle and arts magazine and stumbled upon an article: “Lebanon – the Gem of the Middle East”. She was intrigued by the glossy photos of the stunning scenery, marvelous nightlife, and mouthwatering food. She simply had to discover her roots for herself. And so she booked a flight.

On the way from the airport to where she was staying in the hills near Beirut, she was blown away by everything she saw. The urban hustle and bustle, the bright colors, the contrasting smells, and the pure beauty. This place, which had never had a special significance to her until then, suddenly burst into life right in front of her. The intense magnetism was exhilarating. And it became even more captivating when she arrived at the village. The splendid greenery, sunny skies, sound of crickets and bees, abundance of fresh fruits, warm hospitality, and the people created a real-life painting. An idyllic canvas and palette.

Her inner artist felt alive and truly inspired. This was an experience she was never going to forget and couldn’t live without. When her trip came to an end, she set her heart on bringing this wonderful experience home to Budapest. And this experience and lifestyle is Mozata.

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